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Goldener Inns Discovers Sunbanks Resort

(News Item #0329, Published: 04/19/16, Author: , GoldenerInns.com)

Quiz: What 27 mile long body of water may be the least known recreational destination in all of Washington State?

Hint: It boasts fishing, birding, water skiing, hot hot summers, and pristinely beautiful winters.

Hint: It is longer than Seattle's Lake Washington, warmer than the recreational hubbub of Lake Chelan, with easy access from every area of the state, and did not even exist until 1942.

If you answered Banks Lake in Central Washington, you are one of the few who knows of the other-worldly beauty, sports, activities, and warm summer waters.

Located toward the North end of Banks Lake is the equally less known Sunbanks Resort, a complex of camping, restaurants, entertainment, and 30 new private villa homes all waiting for visitors who love sun and fun.

Today, Goldener Inns announced that it has been authorized by Sunbanks to help market the vacation rental homes far and wide, and to introduce more Northwest fun seekers to the thrill of Banks Lake.

"We first met the Goldener people five years ago when they were hired to provide world class HDR photos of our entire property," said Pat Welton one of the Sunbanks Principals.

Sunbanks has a very loyal and growing clientele. "Once people come here, they return time and time again," noted Shannon Nanamkin, General Manager of the resort. "Our challenge is finding ways to get the word out to all the travelers who want a wonderful lake for water sports, quality accommodations, and entertainment, all in a high desert landscape.

Goldener Inns provides marketing, advertising, and management assistance for Inns, Resorts, and Vacation Rental Managers all over the Northwest.

"Personally I just love the hot summers and boating fun at Banks Lake, so we are pumped to help send more bookings their way," said Josh Dettwiller, a member of the Goldener marketing team assigned to Sunbanks.

The property will be advertised on dozens of websites operated by Goldener affiliates, on all major vacation rental websites, and on hundreds of other listing services. Goldener's sales team will introduce the area to guests who frequent other Goldener destinations. Phones are answered 100 hours a week, with 24/7 after hours service.

Formed during the creation of Grand Coulee Dam, Banks Lake is not part of Lake Roosevelt which lays upstream from the dam. Instead, it was originally a dry coulee, a geological area formed eons ago by flooding.

In building Grand Coulee, the coulee was dammed at both ends to act as a kind of holding area for waters to be used for agriculture.

The lake is actually several hundred feet higher than Grand Coulee which allows water to be evenly pumped up to Banks Lake for gradual distribution into the Columbia Basin reclamation areas of Washington State.

Unlike some man-made lakes which are drawn down during the summer months for irrigation, the elevation of Banks Lake varies very little during the year. This makes it appear more natural and it is more pleasant for boaters and other water enthusiasts.

The vast majority of Banks Lake shore land is government owned so there is very little development and the lake's rustic pristine scenery will be preserved for posterity.

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SUNBANKS RESORT: The resort is the only major tourism facility on the lake and the only property with deluxe villa accommodations. It consists of 197 acres of which 20 have been developed for tourism. There are 30 villas and cabins, along with 180 spaces for camping and recreational vehicles.

GOLDENER INNS: Formed in 1999, Goldener Inns provides private-label services to Inns, Resorts and Vacation Rental Managers assisting with advertising, marketing and other management services all designed to increase returns for property owners.

For further information contact Josh Dettwiller, Goldener Inns at Goldener Inns 866-925-7084. PO Box 22987 Seattle, WA 98122 USA. Or Visit BanksLakeVacationRentals.com to book online 24 hours a day.