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Vortex Vacation Rental Earns Top Score

(News Item #0307, Published: 12/19/14, Author: Joseph Romain, Dwellable.com)

One of the newest Vacation Rental Listing websites - Dwellable.com - ranks listings on quality of submission, photos and other data that guests want to see. Its all who does the best job of advertising their properties.

Recently, they ranked Wapato Rest Vacation Rental Home, in Washington State's Lake Chelan area at number 1 and Dwellable commented that it was "Amazing.."

The home is managed by About Lake Chelan Managers, (AboutLakeChelan.com) an affiliate of the Vortex Managers Group (VortexManagers.com) that provides marketing, advertising, accounting and - most importantly for this aware - world class HDR photos.

Vortex coordinates with Signatour Photo Team to undertake such photos for every home that its affiliates list for rental. The process is expensive and requires extra time and care - but the result are photos previously only matched by world class magazines such as National Geographic and Architectural Digest.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos are created by highly skilled photographers using specialized equipment and unique techniques to create a full spectrum picture accurate to what the human can perceives.

Signatour (Signatour.com) has developed its own " Perfect Touch " technology which allows for the shooting and processing of such photos to the highest possible standards. The company has created compelling photography for hundreds of vacation rentals, Inns, Resorts and Developments.

Amateurs are unable to replicate the accuracy of Signatour photos and even Professional photographers seldom invest the time and hours necessary to learn the exacting craft of HDR.

The company is located in Seattle Washington and provides travel and tourism photography, panoramas and other graphic services for Inns, Resorts, Hotels and Vacation Rentals in North America. .

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Contact Joseph Romain at Signatour Photo Team . 866-765-7520 extension 907 or see more at www.Signatour.com. PO Box 22987 Seattle, WA 98122 USA