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Zillah Lakes Hires Goldener Inns for Vacation Rentals

(News Item #0305, Published: 11/24/14, Author: William Victor May, ZillahLakesCottages.com)

Zillah Lakes, a planned community of over 500 homes in the heart of Washington State's burgeoning wine country has hired Goldener Inns & Resorts, a Seattle based lodging management company, to operate the resort's vacation rental program.

The area has become a popular recreational area due to its proximity to over 30 vineyards, the development's golf course and 300 days of sun common in the Yakima Valley. A community center, restaurant and Inn are also under construction.

"Although we had started the rental program ourselves, it was evident that Goldener has far more knowledge, resources and a fine-tuned system of maximizing guest satisfaction and owner income," said Pat Strosahl, manager of Zillah Lakes.

At its core, the development is built around 19 acres of lakes and is perfectly located for tourists, vacationers, businesses as well as full-time residents.

"After first meeting the Zillah Lakes leaders sometime ago, I was shocked to see how robust the Yakima Valley and Zillah are in particular," noted Joseph Romain creative director for Vortex Managers which administers Goldener Resorts. "In my work, I visit many destinations and they are building here a well rounded and comfortable community. Plus everyone loves wine today, right?"

Goldener is designing an entirely new website for rentals at ZillahLakesCottages.com that will interface with the ZillahLakes.com real estate website. A full scale marketing and advertising campaign follows including wide spread internet initiatives.

Goldener has already taken over all aspects of online advertising, phone reservations, accounting and personnel and will participate in all area tourism and promotion groups.

"Really, the visibility that vacation rentals bring to our property will benefit all owners and stimulate real estates sales as well," Added Strosahl.

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ZILLAH LAKES: A 500 acre planned development in the heart of Yakima Valley's world famous wine growing region.homes and lots for sale at ZillahLakes.com Telephone 800-453-9231.

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GOLDENER INNS & RESORTS: Provides manages of Inns, Resorts & Condo Association vacation rental operations. It specializes in unique, unusual and sometimes remote properties by centralizing difficult functions such as marketing and sales, while maintaining attentive onsite managers and customer service staff. See GoldenerInns.com or call 866-925-7084, 9am to 8pm every day of the year.