Every organization needs leaders, people who willing to study information, work well with others and then help make decisions.

Name Title Careof Phone
Paul Allen Vice President AAA Audio Labs 206-504-2744
Dan Blair North Idaho General Manager Vortex Managers 206-504-2744
Al Doyle President Fusion Happens 206-504-2744
Stephen C. Fletcher President United Broadcasting 206-504-2744
Michael Kostov President Kostov Productions 206-504-2744
Richard G. Mattson President RadioParties.com 206-504-2744
William Victor May Administration Vortex Managers 206-504-2744
Jeff Reiner President South Sound & Tacoma South Honda 206-504-2744
James B. Shinn II President Shinn Investments 206-504-2744
Penny L. Taylor Member Services Vortex Managers 206-504-2744
Dan Wurz Development Consultant Wurz Consultants 206-504-2744